Monday, February 16, 2015

The Most Valuable Commodity

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If I asked you, “What is the most valuable commodity?” What answer would you give me? You may respond with “gold,” “oil” or the “Apple iPhone 20” with the telepathy application set to release in 2020 (don’t bother Googling iPhone 20, I’m just joking around here). Or, you may take it a level deeper and respond with more practical commodities, such as “food,” “shelter,” or “water.” ...Or you may respond with an emotional answer such as “love,” “health,” or “family.”  These are all excellent commodities and are extremely valuable, even priceless in many instances.

However, what if there was a commodity that could interconnect all of the responses above. What if, we responded with “time?” Time is a commodity that we cannot buy. Once we use it it’s gone. There is no additional source, unless you are one of the privy few who has invented time travel, but even time travel may have unexpected consequences.

Time is valuable, because our lives here on earth will eventually end. Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth, hasn’t been channeled to reflect the water’s mysterious powers to the rest of us to provide immortal powers. The more we understand that time is the most valuable asset, the more we cherish it. The more time we want to spend enjoying life – cherishing moments with our family and friends, accomplishing bucket list items or doing whatever activity makes us feel free and alive.

Whatever your activity is, it may not necessarily involve “work.” As time becomes more valuable, especially as we get older and have less of it; time becomes even more special. The time we have is precious. How we choose to spend it may determine our overall happiness and fulfillment in life.

As time becomes more important, it’s valuable for us to cherish it doing activities that we ENJOY and SHARING those activities with people we love. We don’t want to look back one day in our old age and go “I wish I did that,” or “too bad I didn’t go here.” Additionally, we are not going to say “I’m really glad I saw every episode of Entourage.” It’s the moments, such as experiencing the first snow fall, taking a long hike, or teaching someone how to set up a tent that we will remember. These experiences are valuable and help us grow in our own life journey and reward us with passionate memories of life. 

The more we spend enjoying life and time outside with our friends, the more we grow and are rewarded. The more we spend not confirming the stereotypes of society – such as shower, commute, work, commute, repeat –the more we feel alive and are rewarded with wonderful life experiences. As we experience time and truly live in the moment, our eyes are opened to the richness of the moment. The moment of now! Living in the moment and realizing that the time we have before us is right now can cause the mind to start chasing goals or dreams that we may have put off. It can open us up to exploring more of our surroundings and enjoying some of the richest moments that life has to offer.  

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