Monday, February 2, 2015


       A few years ago, I discovered the workcation or going to work and enjoying your freedom after work to enjoying activities, such as camping, hiking or mountain bike riding. Each workcation opened my eyes to new surroundings and helped me grow significantly as an individual.

       As more technology is added to our lives to help us “stay connected,” it’s important to unplug, take breaks, and connect in person with people in the real world. Our email inboxes will not complain if they receive extra email. Our smartphones can store more texts. Our social media profiles don't need to be checked in real time. It is our lives that need to be updated in real-time and it starts by stopping to connect with the world around us.

      As I continue to take more workcations, I have complied all my thoughts and why it's important to take workcations into the following eBook: Workcation! Have the Best Life Now! The eBook is about 40 pages and combines personal experiences & current trends with a guidebook to help optimize your life!

     If you are interested in learning more and reading the book, it's available here on Amazon. It's free to "borrow," if you have a Kindle and it's priced at $4.99 for instant download.

     If you are not interested in purchasing, but want to follow along, I'll publish all 17 chapters from Workcation, once a week for the next 17 weeks starting next Monday, 2/9/15.

    My overall goal is to help you maximize your time and open a new world of enriching experiences!

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