Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lets Create Waves and Save Trestles!

If you have not heard by now, there is a detailed plan to expand the 241 toll road to San Onofre, CA. This would dramatically affect the surf break and the natural land environment. The toll road would create a natural barrier preventing the sand from naturally replenishing the beach, thus deteriorating the quality of surf.

Protesting the toll road is not about only about helping to protect our environment, it is also about preserving history. San Onofre, CA is home to Trestles, an iconic surf break. Trestles is the only US mainland's destination on the ASP World Surfing Championship's tour. It is also a favorite surfing location to several Southern California residents. Additionally, the land near Trestles is one of the last undeveloped natural landmasses in Southern Orange County, CA.

In 1966, Dana Point constructed a harbor that destroyed Killer Dana, a legendary and epic surf break. We now have a chance to not repeat history and preserve an icon in Southern California culture. Lets protect one of the remaining natural landmarks for today and for the future. Lets save Trestles!

To learn more, please visit Surfrider's Official Save Trestles Page.

(The two pictures above are of an aerial photograph that I recently captured of Trestles and posted on Fittingly, the image jumped to the most viewed page).

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