Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It's been raining heavily the past few days in Fiji, which forced me to wait over 8 hours today to take a heli over to Cloudbreak for photography.

Magically, as we were granted clearance to fly, the sky parted and the sun illuminated Tavarua and Namotu. In the background, there was a daunting storm cloud rapidly approaching as the pilot and I raced to capture the surf breaking at Cloudbreak.

I took Joe, a local boat captain who as never been an airplane or helicopter, along for the ride. He was thrilled to see an aerial perspective of Cloudbreak and the local islands.

Upon our return the Plantation Island Resort, we flew through a daunting storm cloud that turned even an ironclad stomach. Fortunately, we landed safely.

Tonight, I've been invited to join 75 Ausies for dinner as they celebrate the wedding of New Castle sweat hearts. ...I'm off for the celebration. :)

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