Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flashback: To Painting @ Brown

(Abstract Figure Oil Painting (C) Tiner. I really enjoyed this piece, because I constructed wood panels to the side of the canvas to break up the traditional confides of a rectangle canvas. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a vandal. Dimensions: Aprox. 4 ft. x 6 ft.)

At Brown, I did several abstract and surreal oil and acrylic paintings. It was an opportunity for me to explore different mediums and refine my artistic expression ...and also escape the cold winters. ;)

Now, I primarily focus on photography and new media, because I am able to capture more moments. I don't believe that painting should be a reflection of what the camera can capture, because it then turns into a measure of perfection and limits the overall range of artistic development. However I still occasionally draw and paint, as a way to convey what the camera cannot capture and to develop new ideas and concepts.

A special thanks to Wendy Edwards and Leslie Bostrom for mentoring me in my artistic endeavors at Brown.

(Abstract Acrylic Painting (C) Tiner, Dimensions: Aprox. 18" x 24" )

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