Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Line Between Life and Death

(Sean & Mark Tiner ( Istanbul, Turkey, 2002) (C) Tiner)

There is no better way to preserve the memory of a loved one, then to continue their legacy through our daily actions, focusing on their late accomplishments and not the end result of their mortality.

After loosing several close friends, including my brother in the past four years, I have slowly learned that the best way to preserve the memory of loved one is to focus on their life and not the cause of their death.

I always feel comforted when people ask me what I love about my brother's life and not how he passed away.

We can not reverse the course of our time on this earth, however we can live each day to the fullest and set out to accomplish our passions.

About the Series: A TRIBUTE
I created this series as a way to link the departed with the living. The siblings in this series each have endured difficult hardships and my hope is to help assuage the wound caused by randomness.

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