Wednesday, April 2, 2008


One Week = 2 Million Alexa Rankings Higher!

A big thank you!

I am excited to learn that while I've been going to school and refining my artistic style, my blog accelerated over 2 million global Alexa rankings in one week! (Alexa is a website that monitors the traffic of all websites for free, from Facebook to bloggers in Antarctica.)

This news is exciting, since I have not spent one dime on advertising this blog. I attribute the increase in growth to a viral following developed over various Web 2.0 sites.

I would just like to thank everyone again for their interest in my thoughts, artwork and life.

I'm really enjoying the ride and I hope you are too! :)

(Alexa Ranking of my blog, shortly after I returned from Fiji)

(Alexa Ranking of my blog on April 1, 2008. Note: 1-week ranking in the top 700k of global sites with 100% of website traffic from The United States.)

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