Monday, April 7, 2008

2008 Election

(Ruth Simmons (C) Tiner)

Approximately 6 years ago, I remember being a nervous 18 year-old eagerly waiting to depart for Brown University and begin my undergraduate studies. Before I left, I watched a 60 Minutes program on Ruth Simmons, who recently started her tenure as president at Brown University. I remember its significance, because she was the first “black woman” Ivy League President.

( Sean Tiner & Ruth Simmons enjoying Brown Football win the 2006 Ivy League Championship)

Over the next 4 years, as I developed a friendship with Ruth, I remember how the media no longer focused on her race or gender and concentrated on her accomplishments. Ruth momentously secured a $100 million dollar donation from the late Sydney Frank and started a revitalization of Brown’s academics and facilities while I was there. These significant accomplishments far transcend the labels of race and gender.

Similarly the media is spending a great amount of energy on the race and gender of this year’s presidential candidates. Yes it is noteworthy. These candidates have accomplished a significant amount for their respective genders and races, but we must also focus on the goals that they can accomplish for our country.

No matter who wins the 2008 Presidency, I hope that they will guide our country with the strength and veracity America needs.

(Obama (C) Tiner)

(McCain (C) Tiner)

(Clinton (C) Tiner)

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