Friday, April 11, 2008

USC Women's Soccer: Paying it Forward

(USC's 2007 NCAA Women's Soccer Championship Team (C) Tiner)

A special thanks to USC women's soccer team. I delivered the signed team soccer ball this morning and was really thrilled to see the excitement illuminate the family's faces.

About the team: In 2007, the USC Women's Soccer Team defeated Florida State 2-0 to win USC's first ever NCAA women's soccer championship.

About the Soccer Ball: I delivered the ball to Hali, a family friend who is an aspiring high school freshman and wants to play at the collegiate level. I had one of my USC friends, who is a member of the women's soccer team, have the entire women's team sign the ball.

I was really honored to present the ball to the family and see their genuine excitement. It feels good to pay it forward and help inspire the next generation of collegiate athletes.

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