Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elizabeth Currid: Creative Thinking

(Elizabeth Currid, Portrait by Tiner).

From lecturing in the classrooms of USC to writing manuscripts in New York City, Elizabeth Currid is creatively inspiring others. Currid shares with the world her unique talent to objectively critique the creative economy, consisting of artists, fashion designers and musicians. Currid's paintbrush are the words she uses to describe these creative individuals and the colorful impact they leave on the world.

Inspired by Currid's first published book, The Warhol Economy, I enjoyed creating this stylized portrait of her in a "Warhol" manner, consisting of multiple images. As a tribute to Andy, I included his portrait in the bottom right corner.

As one of my friends and fellow creative, I wish Currid the best with her endeavors, especially as she is preparing her second book.

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