Thursday, June 12, 2008

The evolution of Web 2.0...

...Are you Linkedin?

...Enjoy spending time on Facebook?

How about Myspace? Okurt? Hi5? Bebo? Youtube? Pandora? Flickr? Vox? Imeem? Deviant Art? Friendster? Yelp? Friendster? Twitter? ....The list goes on and on.

Simply put, the Internet has several popular social networks. It is difficult to properly micromanage and efficiently spend time on the various popular Web 2.0 sites. As society continues to move forward, the future of Web 2.0 sites is in social network aggregators.

Network aggregators collect content and information from multiple social network services and consolidate the information into a single location. In layman's terms, network aggregators post updates from sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Hi5 into one single profile. They make it less intimating to join multiple sites and connect with friends. ...Network aggregators are similar to traditional search engines, like Google and Yahoo.

Two popular social networking examples are: Friendfeed and Spokeo

If you are currently searching for a job, check out Indeed, which searches multiple job sites and posts the information into one search result. If your thinking about launching the next "big" Web 2.0 site, think about launching a network aggregator. Yes there is still room for niche community sites, but the current competition for network aggregators is small and the payoff potential is substantial.

...And if you are simply looking to manage time more efficiently on the Internet, consider joining a network aggregator. They are not mainstream now, but they will be soon.

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