Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kick Your Own Bucket.

Looking to break the ice?

Have a moment of reflection?

...Or are you simply bored?

...Why not create a Bucket List? I recently watched The Bucket List and enjoyed how the movie's elderly characters lived out their wildest fantasies, before their inevitable death. Yes, it would be ideal to live past your 80s, have 2.5 children, pay off a 30-year mortgage, retire and then live out your wildest dreams before you pass away. ...But is this really the meaning of life?

After my brother passed away at a young age, I realized that our time here on earth is limited. Death is inevitable. ...If you are in you are in your teens or in your late 80s, our time is precious and something we can never earn back. Why do we need to live until our 80s to create a bucket list? ...Why not keep a rolling one? ...This way our life stays fresh.

I believe keeping a rolling bucket list is similar to the phenomenon of The Secret, where you write down your goals, visualize them and consequently work hard to accomplish them.

Go ahead give it a try. ...You may be surprised about what you really want to accomplish in this life.

Items I recently crossed off my Bucket List:
1) Sky Dive
2) Run a Marathon
4) Slam Dunk
) Make my brother's dream of pursuing higher education a reality

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