Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thinking About Starting A Blog? ...Try Micro-blogging

...Want to open up a little more?

...Jump on the Web 2.0 bandwagon?

...Be famous for 15 minutes (or at least seconds)?

It's amazing how easy it is to start a blog and share thoughts, insights and opinions. According to Technorati there are over 112 million blogs and 175,000 are created each day. Although the numbers are impressive, I still believe that the 80/20 rule applies to a majority of these blogs. ...Where the top 20% of blogs receive 80% of the traffic. It is even more lopsided at the top. For example, Perez Hilton, Forbes' #1 Internet celebrity, received over 1.4 million visitors in May 2008 (according to Whereas, Seth Godin, #4 on Forbes' list, received 25,000 visitors in May 2008 (according to

It seems that as we move beyond Web 2.0 the need to personally connect applies more and more to the blogging world. Micro-blogging (think short blog entries) allows users to write brief text entries (usually less then 200 characters). The sustainability and rising popularity of micro-blogging is that it builds upon valuable Web 2.0 principles.

1) KISS (Keep it Simple. Stupid.): It's incredibly easy to import your Gmail, Yahoo or MSN contacts and create your network of micro-blog friends. As opposed to forwarding a blog link to all of your friends and encouraging them to regularly check your blog for updates, micro-blogging provides constant updates about your network of friends. Additionally, micro-blog sites don't require HTML knowledge and creating entries are as simple as writing an email (which even your grandparents can do in this day and age).

2) Community: Micro-blogging allows people to easily check view their friends profiles and check for constant updates. This encourages people to regularly check the site. The updates are similar to Facebook's news feed feature, however it consolidates several friends entries at once and provides more content then just "relationship status" updates. Furthermore starting your blog in a micro-blog community increases your chances of receiving traffic and catapulting yourself to the top of the 80/20 mountain.

If you are new to the blogging world or simply want to expand your social presence, I would encourage you to take a tour of one the micro-blog sites. It's fast, easy and a simple way to launch your blog.

The most popular micro-blogging site in the US is Twitter and its nearest global competitor is Jaiku .

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