Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's about living your dreams

Our time on earth is limited. If we live 10 years or 100 years, when that last year rolls along we can never earn one more. The problem is we never know, when we have reached our last year.

If you were told that you only had one more year to live, I'm sure you would approach life a lot differently. The small things in life would seem trivial and you would focus on accomplishing goals and dreams that you may once have over looked. Randy Pausch, a fellow Brown alumn, recently published The Last Lecture, where he describes living your dreams and not being afraid to pursue your passions, even when doors close in your face.

Pausch is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only has 2-5 months to live. The Last Lecture is his legacy to his family and motivation for others to follow their hearts. The book is inspirational, because Pausch has lived his dreams his entire life, not solely when he was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Pausch admits that life did not deal him the best hand, but he has only changed the way he plays the cards. His persistence and determination have opened closed doors and torn down brick walls, when they have prevented his dreams from being fulfilled.

I feel many people are prevented from living their dreams, because of confidence, financial or time commitments. Living your dreams does not mean spending your life savings or quitting your job, but it does not mean waiting until you are retired to start living.

After my brother passed away, I realized that our time here is very limited. You never know what day may be your last, but you can start by living each day to the fullest. Try taking a driver's seat to fulfilling passions, instead of coasting through life and allowing insecurities, doubts and fears prevent you from reaching dreams. The choice is yours, it's now up to you to decide how to play the cards.

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SG said...

i myself have quite a different story. i began to live my dreams at age 50, thanks to meeting a British band (the Alabama 3) in NYC in 2000 and learning there was what they called an 'old punk' movement going strong in the UK. result? my then BF and i moved to the UK and life has never been better. ps, i found you thanks to twitter. :-)