Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nice Guys Finish Last

Today, British authorities arrested Batman aka Christian Bale after a "family dispute." Although the source of the "dispute" is still unknown, it's generated millions of free PR for Bale and The Dark Night. Talk about a follow up for the movie's 158 million box office opener. This incident really is a nontraditional clincher to promote the film in its second week. Now, how do you think the media would respond, if the situation today was:

"Christian Bale volunteers at a London soup kitchen"

"Christian Bale donates $10,000 to a children's charity"

"Christian Bale goes green and walks to his movie's premier"

Unless the late Mother Theresa edited the news, these stories would never make headline news. Our society desires drama and it often requires a controversy to satiate this thirst and earn ink. A little crisis only turns more eye balls on an individual and coincidentally the product or movie that person his currently promoting.

Bale's isolated incident is not going to damage his longterm reputation. The incident's details are still unclear and when the problem's mask is unveiled, another story will be attracting headline news. Batman's real life arrest only generates more buzz for The Dark Night and confirms that nice guys really do finish last ...well at least in the media.

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