Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday is the New Friday

If gas continues to remain at high levels and Go Green initiatives continue, Thursdays will become the new working Friday. 

Yes, the good Lord, Allah or Jah gave us a seventh day for rest, but is it really hidden in our constitution that society MUST have a five-day work week? Lets just suppose that today is the last working day of the week. Now, how much better would you feel? Would you feel refreshed? Would you work harder throughout the week, knowing that you only had 4 days to complete your workload? Would you be less tempted to call in sick tomorrow? 

I'm not a fan of rush-hour traffic. Besides dentist visits and Christmas fruit cake, its one of the few things I despise. Now imagine if you never had to endure it. If employers subtracted Friday from the average work week, employees would avoid rush hour traffic. Workers would either work earlier or latter to compensate for Friday's time and simply avoid rush-hour traffic. The time employees used to spend waiting in traffic would be replaced with actual productivity ...and one more perk: Fridays off!  

No employees in the workplace means no electronics, heating, air conditioning, lights or machinery. Imagine the energy savings and benefits for the environment. Not only would employers save on energy and heating expenses, but the energy reduction would reduce society's carbon footprint. 

Wishful thinking? Well, Time reports that a Florida community college made the change last summer and saved over $268,000 in energy expenses that quarter. There were some other benefits too: sick leave fell 50% and worker turnover fell 44%. 

In our overworked, hyper-connected, stressed society, it's refreshing that some workplaces are thinking outside the cubicle and really making an impact on worker's lives, the environment and their pocketbooks. Are more to follow? 

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