Monday, July 28, 2008

When enough is enough.

Jason Calacanis, one of the internet's most influential tech bloggers, recently "retired" from blogging. He promises not to pull a Micheal Jordan or Jay-Z and come out of retirement. Calacanis cites that blogging has become too impersonal, polarized and would rather distribute a small eNewsletter. Will this be a new trend for other bloggers?

As companies, brands and individuals create a presence across Web 2.o media, including Facebook, Twitter and blogs, how long will that existence last? Facebook recently celebrated its fourth birthday, but will users keep tagging pictures for the next 5, 10 or even 20 years? Will Perez Hilton keep posting celebrity gossip for the next decade? Maybe, but what if a user wants to leave a social network or stop updating a blog? What's the proper etiquette? Do you deactivate your account, make a formal announcement or simply don't do anything?

Calacanis' retirement announcement illustrates the importance of keeping the conversation alive. You simply can't turn your back to your audience, especially if you are an established voice. Keeping consumers informed, only shines light on your future plans ...if that is a new CD, website or eNewsletter. The website or blog should also remain active, so your fifteen minutes lasts in perpetuity.

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