Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cool, but can it be epic?

From Abercrombie to Zoo York, the t-shirt business is over sized with competition. How do you convince consumers to purchase your t-shirt instead of a substitute? How quickly can you sell this season's inventory, before the next season arrives? Do you make your product cheap? Expensive? Well, how about both?

Screening new rules, 200 Nipples is resizing the textile model. Each month 200 Nipples offers 1 design and screens 100 limited edition t-shirts, ranging from $1 to $100. The first shirt in the series starts at $1.00, the second is $2.00, the third ...well you get the drift. If the company sells the entire edition, then the total sales are $5,500. It's a simple, innovative and profitable model. ...But is it working?

The company doesn't have a problem selling the first 40 t-shirts, but who is willing to purchase #92, #73 or any other high # in the series? Is it a status symbol? Is there a cool factor? What's going to motivate people purchase the expensive t-shirts? Where are the rewards and perks?

What if the company placed a few hidden perks and rewards behind random #'s in the upper fifties? How about a company gift-certificate? Or an exclusive email to purchase the first shirt in next month's series? Or a signed print of the design from the month's featured artist? These perks will help motivate consumers to purchase the remaining t-shirts and do not subtract from the company's bottom line.

Sometimes an innovative idea separates us from the competition, but it can take a little extra motivation for consumers to cross our finish line.


wmeredith said...

Thanks for the write up, Sean. Lots of good ideas in there. I jotted some of them down on my feature wish list.

If you, or any of your readers, would like to purchase one of our limited edition t-shirts, use coupon code BEGINNERS-LUCK-10 for 10% of your purchase and shipping costs.

200Nipples - Partner

Andy said...

But the more they add incentives/goodies the less remarkable the whole concept is. I looked at the site and there are people jumping above the current number - one person jumped right to number 100. I see Wade from 200Nipples commented. Wade, I think Sean's ideas are great - but not for you. Your simple concept is EASY TO REMARK ABOUT. What seems more likely to get passed along
1. "Yeah, it is a cool shirt isn't it? I paid $100 and got the last one. You can't have one for any amount of money, dude. They have cool original designs and only make 100, charging $1 for the first on up to $100 for the last one. The they destroy the screen and put up a new design. The site is called 200Nipples. Isn't that cool? I even got a certificate of authenticity."
2. "Yeah, it is a cool shirt isn't it? I paid $79 and also got a coupon for my next purchase. I could have paid $45 or even less, but they have this thing where if you buy the shirt for more than the going price you might get a bonus. The site is called 200Nipples. Isn't that cool? I heard somebody got a brand new Hummer. I do like my coupon though. Did I mention that you can't have one for any amount of money? They have cool original designs and only make 100, charging $1 for the first on up to $100 for the last one. The they put up a new design. I would have gone ahead and paid $100 since the shirt is limited and really cool, but I thought that number 100 was too obvious for the best hidden prize, so I picked #79. Did I tell you I got a coupon - oh and a certificate of authenticity? Dude, do you think that woman has fake boobs?"

Keep it simple and kind of weird. That is the remarkable part.

But Sean, I'm going to steal your ideas for another site...

Andy Pels
Marketer to the Stars (I did some of my best branding work with the North Star - nobody could remember the name Polaris)