Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Intangibles are the currents that help carry innovative ideas across uncharted seas. They are beyond the realm of control and can be easily forgotten. Intangibles frequently make the difference between failure and victory, bankruptcy and wealth, war and peace. They provide the extra push across the finish line. No matter how much money, education, strength or training, intangibles are often the reasons why good stories become epic.

One of the most important intangibles is teamwork. Teammates are selected on character, experience, discipline and merit, but their overall performance is often out of the selector's control.

-Would Michael Phelps break Mark Spitz's Olympic gold medal record without Jason Lezac's incredible come-from-behind victory on the 4x100 free relay?

-Would Michael Jordan win 6 world championships without Scottie Pippen on the court?

-Would Bill Gates and Microsoft achieve blockbuster success without Steven Ballmer's business savvy?

With each success story there are priceless intangibles pushing the winners across the finish line and separating the champions from the herd. Surround yourself with good teammates and you too may be pushed first across the finish line.

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