Monday, August 25, 2008

The thrill is in the pursuit

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement
and the thrill of creative effort."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

From winning a Olympic gold medal to learning a new skill, achievements are measured by different metrics and reached by conquering prior triumphs and failures. An achievement's magnitude varies on goals, prior accomplishments and expectations. Are you looking to redeem your prior dominance? Or are you a Cinderella story that is honored to stand on the podium? Although expectations are different, the thrill is often the same.

The Olympic closing ceremony reminds the world to enjoy the moment and be proud of diverse accomplishments. Although not every athlete won a medal, each athlete's commitment and dedication is recognized by the ceremony. Each athlete is united by camaraderie, a bond that transcends all languages, ethnicities and athletic levels. There can only be one Jordan Tiger Phelps --but each of us can move forward to accomplishing our individual goals and enjoying happiness gained from each step forward.

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