Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Business of Zen

“When you seek it, you cannot find it.” -Zen Proverb

Why is Facebook more popular than Myspace?

Why are Iphone rapidly sales increasing each quarter?

Marketers often focus on creating marketing campaigns to promote the product, but innovative companies focus on creating products that become the marketing.

For example, Facebook's simple user interface encourages users to virally promote the website. Unlike competitors, Facebook does not overwhelm the user with an abundance of advertisements or use a complex navigation system. Users have an enjoyable experience and promote the company via word-of-mouth. Additionally, the Iphone's aesthetic design encourages campaigns to be tailored around the product's functionality and user lifestyle.

Frequently, superfluous bells and whistles distract a user's experience and do not enhance a product's popularity. If your consumers can't comprehend a product in 30 seconds, what's going to encourage them to spread the word? Using simple design and a clean interface allow the experience to become the promotion. The user's experience is the marketing. Your product is found, because you did not seek the consumer; the consumer found you. The product's zen prevails.


Anonymous said...

That is why Apple is God. So to speak.

You sound like a Seth Godin fan. :-)

my modern said...

you'd think it would be easier to go simpler but often times it's not. scaling back, not throwing in every idea, thinking things through not as the advertiser but as the consumer are key.

(though i'm dreading the facebook switchover...perhaps i am a creature of habit.)