Thursday, September 18, 2008

Email Different

"If you have a good relationship with your customer,
the business process flows that much more smoothly."
-Richard Pratt

Do consumers really open an email when it comes from

Are they excited to share the email with friends?

Or do they simply click, delete and not even read it?

Reverse Traditional Thinking
What if companies reversed the strategy and encouraged consumers to respond to email blasts? Try sending an email from a personal account ( in your next email marketing campaign, instead of sending an email from a generic account (

Yes, it will require hard work to read and respond to incoming emails, but consumers will become engaged in your brand. The dialogue between the consumer and your company will open. Creating valuable interaction and increasing brand equity, instead of diluting it with SPAM.

Mass email marketing typically receives a 1-3% response rate. Tailoring emails specifically to the interests of a consumer will increase the response rate and easily identify a brand's primary target audience with individuals who respond.

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Mitch said...

Truthfully, it doesn't seem like we always have a choice, because so many of these folks are sending emails from "noreply" that it's sickening. Even my credit card folks, for whom I've set up alerts, send me those types of emails. Go, I guess we all have to be discerning when dealing with these emails. But it certainly does take away the personal touch.