Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The First Hit is Always Free

If you want a to reach a large target audience, try giving away the first hit for free. ....And Cheech, I'm not talking about Pineapple Express. From free food samples at Costco to musicians posting sample tracks, this strategy is utilized by a range of industries.

Keep your audience wanting more.
Authors don't post their best passages on their blogs, they keep them for their books.

Remember you are building your brand for the long term. You are not a one-hit wonder. Don't be tempted to post your best content first or say everything upfront, keep your audience wanting more.

It's okay to join the competition.
Hulu.com, a free media player, posts clippings of television shows on competitor's websites, like Youtube. Hulu.com brands the content with the Hulu logo, which encourages Youtube visitors to visit Hulu and see the full length episode.

If you are looking for places to reach your audience, try hanging out with your competition. Give away that sample hit and watch them come back for more.


paisley said...

very true... look at porn and the drug trade... just give them a sample...

Ann Handley said...

I love Seth's idea of piggybacking on products your audience already wants: