Friday, September 5, 2008


Smith? ...Common.

Adams? ...Ordinary.

Johnson? ...Average.

Ocho Cinco? ¡Increíble!

Recently, Chad Johnson, a
standout NFL wide receiver, legally changed his surname to Ocho Cinco. Yes, Bengals' fans will cheer, "Ocho Cinco," this football season. It's an outrageous PR stunt, that's generating millions of free media for the five-time Pro Bowler.

Like ordinary marketing, ordinary surnames don't enhance your brand. It's difficult to establish your personal brand, when millions share your last name. Ocho Cinco's charisma and antics are now epitomized with his brand's repositioning. He inventively separated himself from other standout receivers and will enjoy free PR for thinking differently.

Will we see an increase in Ocho Cinco's jersey sales and more endorsement deals
en el futuro? Probablemente.

1 comment:

pstehlik said...

At least it's Spanish and sounds cool.

'Acht Fünf' would be the German equivalent. And that sounds incredibly shitty for a 'normal' name.