Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you staying balanced?

“You must be able to walk firmly on the ground
before you start walking of a tightrope.”
-Henri Matisse

It's difficult to balance the social media tightrope. Frequently brands rush to launch their campaigns and don't wait to understand the nuances of the networks. You can't use the same marketing strategy on each network and expect to see the same results. Each campaign has to be tailored to the appropriate audience. Too much interaction or lack of knowledge will cause your brand to fall of the tightrope.

Listen. Listen. Listen. ....Listening provides a foundation to learn the nuisances and how to appropriately engage your target audience. It's okay to spend time listening, observing and learning, before you rush to position your brand. GM didn't listen and quickly fell off the tightrope.

Keep your sights on the horizon, so the tightrope doesn't sway. Listening to the community allows the horizon to stay clear and keeps your brand balanced on the rope for the long-term.

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Words to Live By said...

great advice Sean. I will remember this as I plug away amidst the social media out there. I'll have to set aside a saturday to spend an hour looking through your posts. Some great stuff in here. Thanks - Denise, The Motivation Mama