Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Power of Her

(screenshot of's traffic)

Oprah is the queen bee, but the swarm is closing the popularity gap., a directory of female bloggers, has seen its traffic double in the past two months from 200 thousand unique visitors to over 600 thousand unique visitors (see chart above). Keep in mind this is only a directory and does not reflect the various traffic to the thousands of female authored blogs.

The pastime of the traditional soccer mom shifted from watching daytime soaps to sharing thoughts, insight and information with a global audience. Women read, share and discuss. Successful brands will continue to leverage this understanding with future marketing campaigns.

Either with a free product sample or inviting bloghers to join an exclusive forum, the key is to encourage influential female bloggers to discuss your product, brand or service. Bloghers are a powerful gatekeeper and getting them excited to write about your produce will create buzz that spread from blog to blog, creating valuable word-of-mouth.

Oprah has her book club, but bloghers have their 24/7 opinions.

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TheMatrix said...

Great article you wrote. I would title it to " I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar". My favorite Helen Reddy song from the 70's.

Us "women" have always been there, you just never bothered to actually count us before.