Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sex, drugs and rockin' toilets?

“Creativity is an advertising agency's most valuable asset,
because it is the rarest.”
-Jeff Richards

If your interactive campaign does not generate buzz, you can flush the campaign's viral growth down the toilet. You don't have to sell trendy products to create interest in a video. From toilet manufacturers to insurance companies, traditional corporations are successfully leveraging Youtube to promote products and services.

CWS' "Say No To Dirt" commercial illustrates how ordinary companies can creatively encourage consumers to talk about a brand. The goal of CWS' Youtube movie is to convey a fresher image and connect with younger buyers. Since its launch, the movie has accumulated over a million hits and received praise in the marketing world.

Yes, the content may be offensive to some people, but pushing the envelope is sometimes a good thing. If you walk the line, no one will remember your brand from XYZ brand. I never talked about a toilet company before, until I saw this commercial.

If you want your next movie to attract the same viral growth, think creatively and like a venture capitalist. When venture capitalists fund projects, they typically finance 20 projects and hope one hits a home run. Don't expect your first movie to accumulate 1 million hits. You'll need to creatively brainstorm several ideas, with the goal of hitting one grand slam. If you don't swing for the fences, your marketing potential will flush down the toilet.

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