Sunday, October 5, 2008


"...Don't Vote?" Leonardo DiCaprio recently produced 5-Friends, a non-partisan PSA persuading young people to register and vote. From Dustin Hoffman to Ashton Kutcher to Eva Longoria, various celebrities encourage voter registration.

In less than one week the movie has received over one million views, but I feel the PSA misses the mark for its primary target audience. If you are really apathetic and don't care about voting, would you take the time to watch a four minute PSA? No, I bet your attention will fade after 45 seconds. Instead of consolidating all of the celebrities into one long film, I feel DiCaprio should create 2-3 shorter PSAs.

Yes, celebrities can lure the public's attention, but can they reverse apathy?


aurelio said...

Shorter would have been gooder but if the longer one hooks the slacker viewer it can have impact.

aurelio said...

Apathy reversal requires much more communication by and with live humans who are in some way connected to the slacker.
Michael Moore's attacks on slackers were more dramatic but I don't think did much to dispel the apathy.
There has to be an intense human connection. The Don't Vote video can give us who care some ideas on how to crack the shell of our apathetic friends and family.