Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fortune Cookie Advice

Frequently, the adages received after a Chinese meal often mimic the advice bloggers share. 

To highlight my point, I asked the Twitter community to share some of their favorite fortune cookies messages: 
  • @gsik: "Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding your life."
  • @LisaHoffmann: "He who throws dirt is losing ground."
  • @Tabz: "Flattery will go far tonight."
  • @gadkins1974: "Many people are seeking you for your sound advice"

Similar to how reading a fortune cookie ends a meal with a feeling of promise, blog entries can provide readers with feeling of hope. Bloggers have the responsibility of constantly informing their audience about the latest happenings, trends or events that relate to their blog. Although writing to a global audience is a tireless responsibility, the opportunity allows writers to instigate thought and provide hope beyond the traditional one sentence fortune cookie adage. As the audience grows, opportunities for the author grow and hope is place in both "take home bags."

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