Friday, October 17, 2008

Innovative Advertising

From having millions of social networking friends to text messaging supporters with campaign updates, Obama is leading the creative polls.

Now, to remove the hanging chad from the innovative advertising ballot, Obama is running campaign advertisements in XBox360 games.

What's the point? Well marketing firms will argue that it's to create awareness with a 18-25 male audience, but I believe the real value is in the windfall of free PR. From being featured on CNN to covered by countless bloggers and reporters, Obam's unique form of advertising is generating a large return on investment.

Imagine if campaign organizers used print advertisements, instead of the XBox360 advertisements. How many headline stories would that generate?

The real value of advertising is encouraging other people to spread the word about your product, service or brand. When creating campaigns, it's important to add an innovative element that will intrigue viewers and gatekeepers, the individuals who publish stories.

Do you turn your head when you see a Ford or GM driving down the road? I highly doubt it. To be the Maseriti, Ferrari or Lamborghini you need to accelerate past traditional forms of communicating brand value. You need to take risks. You need to be innovative.

1 comment:

ezrabutler said...

Awesome post.

I have to reiterate two amazing points that you made, simply for my own clarity:
1)All advertising, in the end of the day, has a viral aspect, and must be treated as such.
2)Always go after the gatekeepers. They deliver the page views, they deliver the downloads, and they deliver the votes.

And here you are *adding* to the Obama campaign :)