Monday, October 20, 2008

Is it better to be louder?

"The most common trouble with advertising is that
it tries too hard to impress people."
-James Randolph Adams

One aspect of social media is that it competes with the cacophony of daily marketing messages. On an average day, a person will see 3,000 advertising messages. This exposure does not include other integrated forms of marketing, including word-of-mouth, public relations, product placement and endorsements.

Due to the high volume of marketing messages, consumers are numb to traditional advertising techniques and the ability for a brand to differentiate itself is a challenge.

What's the rule-of-thumb here? Is it better to be louder?
  • Are reggae fans more included to see a concert tour titled "Not Stoned Enough," instead of "Slightly Stoopid's 2008 Fall Tour"?
  • Would Perez Hilton average a million daily page views without highlighting controversy?
  • Are we more enticed to watch political campaigns that challenge leadership qualities?
As we move forward with marketing strategy either for a product, service or our personal brand, it's imperative to feature material that uniquely separates your brand without "trying to hard to impress people."

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chris said...

Well put. I've often thought that creativity for creativity's sake doesn't do much to move the needle in terms of sales, etc., for the client. Super Bowl ads are a perfect example. Too much.