Monday, October 27, 2008

Market Like A Rock Star

(gh4 Commercial)

The weekend is over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop rockin' out.

Few people can skateboard like Tony Hawk, hit a baseball like Alex Rodriguez, swim like Michael Pelps or dunk like Kobe Bryant, but everyone can rock out to Guitar Hero 4. Instead of highlighting each athlete's talent, Guitar Hero 4's latest commercial juxtaposes celebrity likability with Tom Cruise's classic dance scene from Risky Business.

The film's short 30 second length conveys the point without getting redundant. Since the commercial was posted on YouTube last Friday, it has already received over 750,000 views. The short length keeps the audience engaged and encourages repeat views. 

When you're creating your next marketing material, have fun and don't be afraid to raise the imaginative volume. You can highlight the obvious or you can creatively engage the viewer and market like a rock star.


Kim Hong said...

Wasn't it briefs in the original version? What's up with the boxer briefs? Details.

Coach David said...

Sean, You're absolutely spot on. We're no longer in the advertising/marketing age we knew before. "Selling has been set on it's ear" The truly successful understand that it's all about entertaining. And about being yourself.

About friggin time!

Sean Tiner said...


Yes, you are correct. Cruise is wearing briefs in the original version. I guess you'll have to take this up with the creative director.