Friday, October 10, 2008


What is proper Netiquette = etiquette on the net?

A short list of Do's and Dont's in our digital age.

  • Do respond to emails. It's frustrating when you send an email and the recipient does not respond. Yes, one word confirmations are okay.
  • Do use recent a picture for your profile avatar. If you can't remember when you took the photograph, it's time to update.
  • Do send an email one day before a meeting to confirm. You'll be surprised how professional you appear.
  • Do include links to sources you use.


  • Remember what happens in Vegas stays there. Don't post outrageous pictures of your friends without their permission.
  • Make people take responsibility for their voice. Don't allow anonymous comments.
  • Would you open your neighbor's mailbox? Don't forward personal emails without the sender's permission.
  • Don't write an email or blog post when you are angry. Cool off and take a walk around the block. You'll be thankful the next day.

Here are a few tips from the microblogging site, Twitter:
  • @Brotodeau: A rule that's grossly ignored: Just because one has anonymity should not absolve them from being polite! goes a long way
  • @laurencook: Whatever you do, don't write in all caps. I hate when people scream at me online.
  • @xrad2: responsive, don't leave people hanging, avoid caps (duh)
  • @DeeDeeDayna: I know this is an old one, but ppl r still doing it ,,, TYPING WITH ALL CAPS , maybe they need a little reminder ;)
  • @mabrugnolo: as a matter of etiquette, responding to every comment would be nice
  • @pluc: Give credit when credit is due
  • @Stevehoward999 : When posting to forums don't use txtng shrtcts unless uthrs do 2 .... or something like that
  • @djpaisley : don't assume people are who they are in the picture, or names like "paisley" are girls... lol

Feel free to add your own tips in the comments section.

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SG said...

3 things (kinda repeating those who came before me), then one regarding mp3s:

i ask permission before posting ANYone's photo and before quoting, whether from his/her/its mail or IRL. this includes those already in the public eye.

i'm a firm believer in total attribution, complete w/links. not only does it add veracity but it helps the lazy (like me) learn more about whomever/whatever, if we're so inclined.

as well, acknowledgment works wonders, even a quickie TY.

about those mp3s: 'a word to the wise guy' as William S Burroughs once put it: i used to post up rare Alabama 3 mp3s but no more cause although i'd ask ppl to please R-click and Save before listening, my bandwidth (on my real site) was exceeded too many times.

unfortunately, i've learnt my lesson and now, if i post up anything the masses haven't yet heard, i render the links useless after a day or so.

people are missing out on these fabulous remixes and such but i feel i have no choice cause hardly anyone (apart from my actual meatspace friends) R-clicked and saved. so now everyone's losing.