Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recycle Content?

(Original Andy Warhol Film)

(Branded Film)

Recycle Content?

It's a strategy that has paid large dividends for the hip hop industry.

With a plethora of YouTube movies, I'm surprised more brands do not edit existing viral films.

It's an experimental idea that may hit a home run.

Surf's Up! Last year, a YouTube user posted an edited Andy Warhol commercial that featured a Quiksilver surfboard (see films above). Although the movie has only received 10 thousand views (to date) and not gone viral (over 1 million views), the editing allowed Quiksilver to creatively market to an established audience, Andy Warhol fans.

Each time a YouTube user searches "Andy Warhol," he or she has a chance of discovering Quiksilver's commercial. The film is naturally discovered and reflective of the user's interests.

I feel the strategy of recycling content can be replicated by an array of companies, especially for newer brands seeking to create awareness and interest. Although the legal ramifications of editing copyrighted film need to be explored, the potential to market to an established voice is significant.

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