Saturday, November 29, 2008

100 Portraits: A Creative Journey (eBook)

Andy Warhol opened society’s eyes with portrait art, but I desire to revolutionize portraiture for the new millennium. Today, I produced 100 Portraits: A Creative Journey, a free eBook that is an artistic reflection of the past ten months.

As you browse through the 100 portraits I created of people from various backgrounds, I hope you enjoy the unique perspectives and energy that I try to convey in each composition. Feel free to share this eBook and use the artwork for your own inspiration.

Tiner's 100 Portraits

100 Portraits

Order of Appearance
Adriana Suvari, model
Agyness Deyn, model
Angelina Jolie, actress
Andy Warhol, artist
Amber Lee Ettinger, model
Ann Handley, blogger
Anne Vyalitsyna, model
Barbara Stoyanoff, model
Bebe Durbidge, surfer
Bob Marley, musician
Albert Einstein, inventor
Brandie Moses, model
Bree Condon, model
Breann McGregor, model
Brian Solis, public speaker
Charlene Li, author
Christopher Latronic, television host
Dane Reynolds, surfer
David Ewalt, author
Dr. Drew Pinsky, radio & television host
Eline De Boer, model
Donny Deutsch, entrepreneur
David Pogue, journalist
David Meerman Scott, author
David Ewalt, journalist
David Armano, blogger
Daria Webowy, model
Danny Fuller, surfer
Dali Lama, advocate
Coldplay, band
Cindey Dutton, model
Chris Brogan, author
Coco Rocha, model
Chris Berman, journalist
Elizabeth Currid, author
Elliott Spitzer, politician
Elyse Taylor, model
Candice Swanepoel, model
George Carlin, comedian
Girls Next Door, models
Gizel Bundcen, model
Harry Potter, character
Greg Verdino, marketer
Heather Hahn, model
Heath Ledger, actor
Heather Marks, model
Holly Huddleston, model
Hugh Macleod, blogger
Jac Vanek, model
Jack Nicholson, actor
Jamie Lee Spears, singer
Jason Falls, blogger
Jay Z, musician
John Furrier, blogger
John Wooden, coach
Hugh Hefner, entrepreneur
Julie Mintz, model
Katherine Werderitsch, model
Julie Stegner, model
Katja Schekina, model
LL Cool J, entertainer
Lauren Conrad, actress
Kristen Cavallari, actress
Max Kalehoff, blogger
Matt Leinart, athlete
Mark Zuckerberg, entrepreneur
Nana Ichikawa, model
Michelle Williams, actress
Kobe Bryant, athlete
Vlada Roslyakova, model
Walter Annenberg, entrepreneur
Warren Buffet, investor
Yves St. Laurent, designer
Yasmin Brunet Fernandez, model
Tiger Woods, athlete
Valentina Zeliaeva, model
Tim Russert, journalist
Sole Cole, DJ
Seth Godin, author
Senjana Onopka, model
Sean Tiner, entrepreneur
Sasha Strauss, marketer
Seda Ertan, model
Ruth Simmons, educator
Sasha Pivovarova, model
Sarah Underwood, model
Sarah Elliott, photographer
Ryan Kalil, athlete
Ruslana Korshunova, model
Rohit Bhargava, blogger
Robert Rauschenberg, artist
Rick Irons, surfer
Renee Bargh, model
Peter Tiner, artist
Pete Carroll, coach
Perez Hilton, blogger
Oprah, entertainer
Natasha Polevshchikova, model
Kayne West, musician
Nicole Nicolay, author


David said...

This is extremely cool, Sean. Love the alternative views of models who normally aren't seen in such a creative way. And I see some friends too. Thanks for sharing with us all. David Meerman Scott

Anonymous said...

Very cool collection here, Sean. An interesting group of people presented in an interesting way -- thanks for sharing it.

Francesco Romano frz said...

this is a very fresh idea and love the subject.
Really inspiring, i can see some familiar twitters faces :]

A next step forward would be to port it out of a pdf file - and go the opposite extreme.
Open you work and make it reworkable.

Release all the source - photoshop layers, unedited pictures and sketches and notes.

Then let the community remix and built their own version of the 100 portraits - like happens with music on ccmixter.

Francesco Romano frz said...

this is a very nice idea and love the subject -
and i can see some familiar twitters faces too :]

This would be really cool out of a pdf file too.

What if you open the source - photoshop layers, unedited pictures, sketches and notes,
and ask the community to actively remix and build their own version of the 100 portraits.