Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An emphasis on creativity?

As companies reduce marketing budgets to survive in the current economic climate, creative marketing strategies are being utilized to create awareness and attention for products and services.

Toshiba's new television commercial illustrates how ordinary people (not celebrities) can be creatively incorporated into a campaign. The advertisement focuses on the body as form and creatively engages the viewer through unique perspective and unusual choreography.

In the years and months ahead, not all companies will continue to have rock star marketing budgets, but brands can continue to receive significant attention for their products by implementing unique, creative concepts.

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windo said...

hi sean!

"ordinary" people can still cost some dough tho. maybe not as expensive as rock star, celebrity talent, but on-camera talent nonetheless and SAG gets 'em the money they want. i had convo this morning w/our broadcast affairs and production folks, about fees on traditional broadcast vs online. is it still the wild, wild west when it comes to running TVCs on the internet exclusively? if you're a SAG-agency you better play by the rules. or they're coming to get ya. anyways, i digress.

the shooting style of this, "timesculpture" technique, is really cool to watch. i'm guessing it's not cheap to do?

for me, what it boils down to in this economy of shrinking ad budgets, is that we need to push for compelling creative that not always has to rely on big budget talent, shooting techniques or gimmicks (e.g. latest batch of typography animation spots...Girl Effect, Starbuck's free coffee, Ford F150, Motrin Moms, etc.), but on a simple and interesting idea or thought that gets people to think, then do...something about it. whatever levers you use to tell your story, just make sure it fits into your client's budget, yes? easier for me to say than actually do, for sure.

you're the 2nd person in my little circle that i've seen blog about this. i'm developing a few thoughts now and my add to the conversation later.

here is where i first heard about this Toshiba spot: