Monday, November 24, 2008

Recycle Content.

Recycle Content? From Jay-Z remixing the Beatles’ White Album to Eminem reediting Elton John lyrics, recycling content is a strategy that has paid large dividends for the hip-hop industry. Similar to musicians remixing songs with their own lyrics and musical beats, reediting existing popular movies allows brands to produce hits without implementing new creative strategies.

Nokia's new N96 advertisement juxtaposes an old Bruce Lee movie with ping pong players and highlights how YouTube can successfully be leveraged as marketing channel for product launches. Thanks to the movie's creative use of recycling content, Nokia's advertisement has already received over 680,000 views in 5 days. Although it's difficult to measure the direct sales from the commercial, the creative movie encourages gatekeepers to feature it on their blogs. Now that marketing success would even give Forrest Gump a run for his ping pong paddle.

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windo said...

in the comments section for this video, it's funny to read that some of the kids are still asking, "is this for real?" was the footage really recycled from "the game of death"? it appeared to me that maybe it was just all shot with some actor, since I never got a clear look at the face of bruce lee? that famous bruce lee yellow jumper was worn in game of death methinks.

btw, i'm thinking by now, viewers should take every unbelievable video w/grain of salt in terms of authenticity. look back to the powerade spots from few years ago, guy taking off on monster wave, recently w/the tiger woods/ea "walk on water" spot or even the playing hacking sack w/the golf ball trick.