Friday, December 26, 2008

Peristence of Nostalgia

The Persistence of Memory,
Salvador Dali, 1931

Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion,
Advertising Agency: DDB, Berlin, Germany, 2008

"What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done there is nothing new under the sun" (ECC 1:9 RSV)

Volkswagen's new Polo Blue Motion advertisement illustrates how using use nostalgia can engage target audiences into a marketing campaign. In 1931, Salvador Dali painted The Persistence of Memory, one of his most famous surrealistic works. The painting is one of Dali's most recognized works and is frequently referenced and parodied in contemporary culture. Over 75 years after Dali painted the masterpiece, Volkswagen has parodied the painting with its "Absurdly low consumption" tagline and surreal creative concept.

As the global marketplace moves further into economic uncertainty, it will be interesting if more companies incorporate artistic masterpieces into marketing promotions. According to an article in the International Communication Association "the positioning of products as constructed realms of memory offers consumers an emotional and immediate connection to an assumed better past. While doing so, advertising also influences the way consumers perceive 'real' history, 'as it was.'"

Using well known and positive references from the past can make viewers feel nostalgic. A sincere feeling of nostalgia can often evoke feelings of economic security and stability.

Will nostalgia encourage consumers to purchase
Volkswagen's Polo Blue Motion? ...Time will only tell.

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