Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last Sunday, Pete Carroll was featured on 60 Minutes. The program highlighted how Carroll spends his free time life coaching inner-city youth. Carroll's A Better LA supports inner-city youth, provides encouragement, and renews validation in hopes and dreams.

Recently, Validation, a 16-minute short film, was streamed on YouTube and features a charismatic parking attendant giving positive compliments to everyday people. From managers to photographers, the attendant renews hope and happiness in the average person.

As schedules become demanding, it's easy to become absorbed in daily routines and forget to acknowledge the positive qualities of others. The holiday season allows us to reflect on the year and appreciate the impact that family and friends make in our lives. From gifts to holiday cards, constant reminders of appreciation are traditionally sent to acknowledge a core group of friends.

As the year concludes, take a moment to acknowledge someone outside your immediate group of friends, family, and acquaintances. You may be surprised how that validation will help to impact their life and create a better society.

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