Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5 Cool Websites for 2009

5) Thecoolhunter.net If you need a unique gift idea or want to stay up to date with the latest trends in art, fashion and music, then thecoolhunter.net is the address for your mouse to click and chill out.

4) Viralvideochart.com Need a quick breather from the workplace? Check out viralvideochart.com, a site that aggregates the top 20 viral for the day. It's a cool site to use to stay current on the evolving examples of social interactive video.

3) Blip.fm If you want to sample new songs or bring your iTunes library along without lugging your iPod, give Blip.fm a try. The website allows users to create free play lists of favorite songs and it's also a good way to legally sample and listen to full length tracks without spending a single cent.

2) Twitter.com This micro-blogging site continues to grow and receive free press. Most recently, Twitter was featured on the homepages of several networks after the president-elect's account was hacked last week. Rest assured, Twitter worked diligently to fix the security issue and continues to offer a unique communication experience.

1) Hulu.com In March 2007, when Jason Killar founded Hulu, a free content provider of premium television shows and movies, media critics thought the concept was "screwed" and would quickly fail. However, Hulu remains strong and continues to offer a premium selection of content to its monthly visitors. In fact, this year Hulu is on track to equal YouTube for total revenue of approximately $180 million, despite only have 6 million monthly visitors to YouTube's 83 million. ...Sometimes small is the next big and being David, instead of Goliath is in vogue.

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