Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heineken Walks Into Creativity

Traditionally beer companies rely upon bikini clad hotties to promote products to the male audience. At the start of this millennium Budweiser won international praise by introducing the Wass Up marketing concept, which moved Budweiser's marketing beyond the traditional T & A approach. In fact, the Wass UP marketing campaign was so memorable that a political spoof of the campaign was released last year and named one of Time Magazine's Top Ten Campaign Moments of 2008.

Continuing the momentum of thinking beyond the bikini, Heineken recently launched the Walk in Fridge commercial. The advertisement opens a bottle of creativity that intoxicates viewers with humor.

When you are creating your next marketing promotion, consider making a satirical statement about a common household product or device. It may allow your brand to walk into the marketing results that it deserves.

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