Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Power of YOU

Today marks a historic moment in America's history.

From a marketing perspective, there are several successful examples to use for future campaigns. The 2008 presidential election showed marketers that large groups of people can successfully come together to share ideas, network, and donate through new media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Obama was the first presidential candidate to successfully leverage new media to connect ideas with the people.

While other candidates tried to implement similar new media marketing campaigns, Obama's charisma was the bridge that successfully connected his ideas with the mainstream. America embraced the power of hope and exponentially shared its passion for change throughout the world.

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Anonymous said...

From their grassroots efforts to the new and improved Whitehouse.gov, the Obama campaign can teach all of us a little something about how to improve our marketing. It will be a campaign we'll be studying for years.