Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Coolest Job for 2009

Small Marketing Budget?

Lofty expectations?

No problem.

Although the global recession is evaporating marketing budgets across various industries, it does not have to affect creativity and results.

Recently, The Australian tourism board posted the Island Reef Job, a 6-month job living in North-Eastern Australia and blogging about the Great Barrier Reef. The evangelist job only requires 12 hours of work each month and pays 100,000 USD.



Feeding Fish? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, consider this short-term job more of a marketing opportunity for Australia. According to the website, the Island Reef Job received over 34,000 1-minute YouTube video applications.

Imagine having over 30,000 individuals post a video on YouTube that passionately describes your organization, company or brand. ...And then sharing the content with their friends to increase their chances of winning the contest, promotion or job application.

According to TargetCast, the average price of a prime-time network TV commercial is $122,133 USD, which only buys 30 seconds of air time. The Australian tourism board spent $20,000 less and passionately engaged a target audience of over 30,000 people. Additionally, the job application was featured on countless blogs, including Mashable, which created more buzz and interest for the promotion.

As marketing expectations often exceed fiscal budgets, combining creativity with social media may create the results your brand desires.


pDogg said...

I tried out for it mate! Here's my rockin' video:

pDogg said...

Shortlisters notified, I made it- waiting for test results on Tuesday- Good luck to all!