Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rapping Flight Attendant

In an era where standing in long security lines and being herded around like cattle makes most airline passengers feel unappreciated, Southwest Airlines continually takes a fun approach to making customers enjoy the experience of flying. Yes, they don't have personal television screens or foldout seats to make the ride more enjoyable. However, Southwest continually tailors their customer service to make customers feel appreciated and engaged in the brand.

As conveyed in the The Rapping Flight Attendant movie, continually taking a fun, yet professional approach to business can engage consumers in a brand and make a brand's experience more enjoyable.


trainingtime said...

The video is also serves as a great example of an employee who loves their job. When you have employees who enjoy what they do and feel appreciated by their employer, you'll discover some great results. The results may not be as awesome as an employee rapping, but they'll still be pretty good.

Coffee Maker said...

that flight attendant looks a lot like Taye Diggs