Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Samsung Extreme Sheep LED Art

Traditionally, commercials highlight the rational or emotional benefits associated with a product, company or brand. Ideally, the benefits are clearly articulated in 15 to 30 seconds to encourage consumers to purchase the promoted product or to increase loyalty in a brand. If a commercial is longer then 30 seconds, then a viewer will normally start to lose attention.

Recently, Samsung posted "Samsung Extreme Sheep LED Art," a two-minute video that creatively highlights the durability of the company's LED with the bucolic pastime of shepherding. Although the video is ten times longer then a traditional 15 second commercial, the commercial's unique combination of highlighting rational and emotional benefits engages a viewer and has virally generated over 3 million views for the film in less then a week.

When you create your next commercial or advertising campaign, consider creatively highlighting both rational and emotional benefits to push the imagination and give the consumer something worth sharing with their friends.

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