Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Business Cards Are Soooo 1985

(Apple's 1985 Office Lemmings Commercial)

In an era of Hybrids, Teslas and Go Green initiatives, business cards are starting to fall the way of the newspaper ...out of print and into environmentally friendly formats.

Last month at South By Southwest, Contxts, a free electronic SMS business card service, took the conference by storm, well the service at least saved a few trees. Instead of exchanging business cards at networking events, attendees simply said text me at 50500. Attendees electronically received contact information, saved time and avoided the hassle of sorting through dozens of cards following the event.

Contxts allows recipients to receive not only basic contact information, including address, email and occupation title, but the electronic business card can also display the social networks affiliated with the registrant. If you are want to show innovation in the workplace, avoid looking like a corporate lemming, or join the Go Green bandwagon and save a few trees, then Contxts may just be the service for you.

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