Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flutter: The New Twitter

A week after April Fools' Day, Flutter: The New Twitter, a Slate V mockumentary, continues to create laughter across the cyber landscape. Flutter tweets fun at the persistent and rapid growth of social media websites. The satire depicts how users' attention spans are quickly decreasing and creating demand for the fusion of social media websites.

As the amount of Twitters has skyrocketed from 4 million in November 2008 to 14 million today, the popular micro-blogging site continues to receive daily recognition in mainstream news. Everyday society is reminded about the site from DJs, television anchors and journalists who encourage the public to follow their tweets.

If Twitter continues to grow at this viral pace, don't be surprised to see Evan Willams, founder of Twitter, nominated for Time's Person of The Year. After all in 2006, Time recognized You (a.k.a YouTube) as the Person of the Year. Then again, maybe that's just flutterful thinking.

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