Sunday, May 17, 2009

Expression of Joy

BMW's Expression of Joy Website

From Andy Warhol to Roy Lichtenstein, several prominent twenty-first century artists have created unique advertising concepts for BMW. The prominent German automobile manufacture establishes relationships with renowned artists to accelerate its product line in the same gear as fine art. In the past, the aesthetic relationships have allowed the BMW brand to display its automobiles adjacent to works of fine art in modern museums.

Recently, BMW commissioned renowned South African artist Robin Rhode to create a unique fine art painting to help market the 2009 Z4 roadster. With the collaboration of actor Dennis Hopper, Rhode used the Roadster as his paintbrush on a 100 x 200 ft white canvas. As the Roadster spun around the canvas, Rhode controlled the colors and how much paint was applied with a remote control. The finished artwork, which resembles a pseudo Jack Pollock painting can be viewed on BMW's product microsite, Expression of Joy.

In the recent economic recession, where automobile companies use "total confidence" plans to help sell inventory, it is refreshing that BMW uses an innovative art campaign to promote the Z4 Roadster. The visual campaign helps to reinforce BMW's perception of a quality automobile manufacture that is not affected by the downturn of the current economy. As works of fine art traditionally gain in value, so is BMW's brand equity.

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