Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bing Bling?

Yesterday, Microsoft launched Bing, a rebranded search engine. Bing allows users to preview a search engine query and offers unique user functionality. Microsoft hopes to take market share from online advertising competitors, including Google and Yahoo.

To market Bing, Microsoft plans to spend approximately $100 million in a marketing launch campaign, which will include Television, radio and print advertisements. Although the integrated marketing campaign will generate short-term buzz, will viewers be motivated to jump ship from Google or Yahoo?

In areas where Google has a strong position in the US with an approximately 70 percent market share, it will be difficult for Bing to compete due to loyal users and established positions. However in Asia and emerging technology regions, including China, where Google only has a 19% market share, Bing can secure its position if the early adapters embrace its functionality.

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