Friday, July 17, 2009

Cool Twitter Resources

Listed Below are some cool (no pun intended) resources shared from the speakers at the recent Twitter Conference in San Diego, CA.

Key Resources:

* Creates a Tiny URL and allows creators to track the links

* Creates a Tiny URL and allows creators to track the links

* Tweetlater: Schedule your tweets

* Future Tweets: Schedule your tweets

* ParaTweet: Streams real time tweets at conferences. At the event, people were encouraged to add the hash tag #ctc to their tweets. A moderator then approved the tweets, which were streamed on a projector for everyone to see. It is a concrete of incorporating social media in the real world.

* Tweetphoto: Quickly upload pictures via mobile or traditional Internet connection and share with community on Twitter.

* Tweetdeck: Easy way to organize tweets

* Twtpoll: Create polls for Twitter.

* PollDaddy: Another online poll resource

* Trottr: Record your voice via a mobile phone and post on Twitter or Facebook

* SMS donation process resource

* Tipjoy: Easy way to give and process donations through Twitter

* Mobileactive: Links to resources for mobile activism

* Hootsuite: Allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts, create tiny URLs and track performance

* Trendrr: Realtime social media tracking, helps measure ROI

* CheapTweet: Searches Twitter for eCommerce deals

* Izea: New service to sponsor Tweets

* Magpie: Sponsored Tweets website

A special thanks to all of the presenters for sharing new these resources!


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